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3 Ways to Prevent Dental Emergencies

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Did you read that title right? Can dental emergencies be prevented? The answer is yes!

While there are many circumstances that you can't avoid, there are also lots of emergencies you can take simple steps to prevent from happening. Here are some helpful tips from your dentist in Sarasota.

Wear the Right Protective Gear

Since it is estimated that 40% of dental emergencies are sports related, one easy way to protect yourself is to invest in a custom mouth guard for sports. A custom guard provides a better fit than those you can purchase at the sporting goods store, which allows you to breathe and talk more efficiently so you can focus on ...

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When Should I Be Concerned about Tooth Pain?

Dental pain is said to be some of the worst you can experience, and if you've ever had a toothache, you probably agree. The constant and relentless pain of a severe toothache is enough to keep you from getting the sleep you need and from functioning in your daily life.

If you are experiencing this kind of pain, it is essential that you contact your emergency dentist in Sarasota, FL right away because it's likely that your tooth is infected. If you are proactive about seeking treatment, root canal therapy can typically relieve your pain and preserve your tooth.

What if My Tooth Is Sensitive?

If you have a tooth that is reacting ...

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Dental Emergency? Don't Panic! Here's What to Do First...

Man in pain | Dental Emergency Sarasota

Dental emergencies are scary! They can be painful, sometimes there is blood, or maybe you're not even sure that what you're experiencing qualifies as an emergency.

If you suspect that you're experiencing a dental emergency in Sarasota, the first thing to do is remain calm; the next step is to contact your dentist right away. They can help you determine if you are in the midst of an emergency and what steps to take next.

When you know how to handle a dental emergency, it may not seem so stressful. Here are a few helpful tips on what to do during common emergency situations.

Dental Pain

If you are experiencing dental pain or ...

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The First 3 Steps to Take in Any Dental Emergency

Dental Emergencies | Sarasota Dentist

Dental emergencies in Sarasota, FL are scary and stressful! Your first feeling may be to panic, but Sarasota Dental Arts is here for you, and all you have to do is give us a call. We'll guide you through any situation to help determine if you need immediate attention. We also make every effort to see our emergency patients the same day if you do need to be seen right away. Your first step is to remain calm and give us a call.

Assess Your Situation

Different emergencies call for different procedures. There are some in which you may not need to see us right away. Here are some general guidelines ...

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3 Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental Emergency in Sarasota FL, Sarasota Dental Arts

Dental emergencies come in three main types, and each one can really ruin your day.

Fortunately, Dr. Aygen and the team at Sarasota Dental Arts is here to help! We offer same day emergency appointments so we can relieve your pain, provide stabilizing treatment, and plan for the long term.

If you are experiencing pain or another emergency, don’t hesitate to call your emergency dentist in Sarasota, Dr. Kaya Aygen.

#1) Broken Appliances

This is probably one of the most common dental emergencies we see.

While a broken appliance or restoration usually isn’t painful, it is a nuisance for you and it needs to be dealt with promptly to prevent additional problems. For instance, if ...

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