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Benefits of Clear Aligners

The Benefits of Clear Aligners

More and more patients are coming in and asking about the benefits of clear aligners. Clear aligners are made like a see-through plastic tray so that they are less noticeable than standard braces. Making the decision to go with clear aligners versus traditional braces can be intimidating if you aren’t privy to the differences between the two. 

At Sarasota Dental Arts, we want to encourage our patients to get the treatment that makes them feel the most comfortable and the most confident. There is a number of reasons why clear aligners are becoming more ...

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Heritage Oaks Veteran's Pantry Fundraiser

This year's Heritage Oaks Veteran's Pantry Fundraiser that helps support the food supplies at All Faith's Bank was a huge success! This year the 2019 Heritage Oaks Veteran's Pantry Fundraiser was held in March. Dr. Aygen was among the list of this year's Corporate Sponsors. The fundraiser raised over 25% more than what they were hoping for! It was a great inspirational experience for all involved and countless veteran families will be helped!


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Fear of the Dentist: How Do I Deal With My Dental Anxiety?

Woman Smiling | Sarasota Dental Arts

If you have dental fear or anxiety, you might put off going to the dentist for routine examinations and cleanings. You might even feel somewhat foolish for fearing something that seems so routine for other people. But the truth is that you are not alone. Dental anxiety is a very real fear for many people, and some studies have shown that nearly three-quarters of people in the United States are nervous or fearful about going to the dentist.

The problem with putting off routine dental visits is that often a small problem that would have been spotted by your dentist often grows into a larger dental issue that needs more complex ...

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Today's Dentures: These Are Not Your Grandparents' Teeth!

Dentures Patients | Sarasota Dental Arts

We all hope our teeth last for a lifetime, but the reality is that sometimes that doesn’t happen. When you are facing the loss of a full arch of teeth, it can be devastating. The thought of wearing dentures may not be appealing when you recall the fake-looking teeth your grandparents might have worn.

But patients who opt for dentures at our Sarasota, FL dental clinic are pleasantly surprised with the natural-looking, comfortable tooth replacements today’s modern dentures provide. Dr. Kaya Aygen takes the time to craft dentures that match your face, your features, and your complexion. The result is nothing like the dentures of yesteryear.

Dentures That Fit Well and Look ...

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3 Reasons Adults Are Choosing Invisalign

Invisalign | Sarasota Dental Arts

It's time for that client presentation you've been dreading. You're feeling anxious, not because you don't have great ideas and a compelling presentation, but because you're nervous about meeting your new client and you're worried about what they will think of your smile.

This is a common situation for many adults who never had orthodontic treatment and are now living with teeth that have shifted over the years or adults who had braces during adolescence and then weren't diligent about wearing their retainers. 

Whatever your situation may be, you may have avoided straightening your teeth because you'd prefer not to wear braces. The good news is that your Sarasota dentist offers an ...

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3 Ways to Prevent Dental Emergencies

Man with Jaw Pain | Sarasota Dental Arts

Did you read that title right? Can dental emergencies be prevented? The answer is yes!

While there are many circumstances that you can't avoid, there are also lots of emergencies you can take simple steps to prevent from happening. Here are some helpful tips from your dentist in Sarasota.

Wear the Right Protective Gear

Since it is estimated that 40% of dental emergencies are sports related, one easy way to protect yourself is to invest in a custom mouth guard for sports. A custom guard provides a better fit than those you can purchase at the sporting goods store, which allows you to breathe and talk more efficiently so you can focus on ...

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Dispelling the Myths About Root Canals

If you're like most people, you would probably be filled with dread if you heard that you need a root canal. However, today we're here to dispel the number one myth about root canals in Sarasota, and we'll also reveal a shocking secret!

The Myth: Root Canals Are Painful

Root canals have always been associated with pain mainly because when you need one, 90% of the time you are in pain. This is likely due to infection or damage that your tooth has sustained, and here's the first secret: Dental infections won't go away without treatment. Therefore, it's only going to cause you more pain if you delay treatment with your dentist.

The ...

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