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How Did Orthodontics Get Started?

Your straight and beautiful smile may be something you take for granted unless you went through orthodontic treatment. Did you know that even before braces were invented, perfectly aligned teeth were the goal of ancient Egyptians and early Greeks and Romans? 

The Arrival of Braces in the World of Dentistry

While they weren't called braces until the early 1900's, dentists began using different appliances and the concept of braces in the early 1800's.

  • In 1819 the first "wire crib" was invented by Christophe-Francois Delabarre. The wire crib was shaped like a half circle and placed directly on the teeth to improve and keep them in alignment.
  • In 1843 Dr. Edward Maynard started using gum ...

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Get a Straighter Smile... Without Everyone Noticing!

Invisalign Sarasota FL | Clear Braces Tray

Have your crooked teeth kept you from smiling with confidence? Are you embarrassed about the appearance of your smile? What if you could straighten your teeth without anyone noticing? Adult orthodontics in Sarasota may be the solution you're looking for and Dr. Aygen can help!


Instead of using metal braces, Invisalign utilizes clear plastic aligners to straighten your teeth. Aligners offer a snug fit so they don't interfere with talking or your other normal activities, and because they're clear it makes them virtually invisible. Invisalign cases can often be completed more quickly than traditional braces with most cases finishing in 9 to 15 months.

The other benefit Invisalign provides is that there ...

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Dental Emergency? Don't Panic! Here's What to Do First...

Man in pain | Dental Emergency Sarasota

Dental emergencies are scary! They can be painful, sometimes there is blood, or maybe you're not even sure that what you're experiencing qualifies as an emergency.

If you suspect that you're experiencing a dental emergency in Sarasota, the first thing to do is remain calm; the next step is to contact your dentist right away. They can help you determine if you are in the midst of an emergency and what steps to take next.

When you know how to handle a dental emergency, it may not seem so stressful. Here are a few helpful tips on what to do during common emergency situations.

Dental Pain

If you are experiencing dental pain or ...

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Replacing Missing Teeth: Dentures vs. Dental Implant

Older Couple | Dentures Sarasota FL

Living with one or more missing teeth greatly impacts your quality of life. Eating becomes a challenge, while talking or smiling in front of others may feel uncomfortable. The good news is there are many great choices for restoring your smile and your confidence, and here are some of your options.

Dental Implants

A dental implant is capable of restoring one or more missing teeth using a titanium post, abutment, and porcelain crown. The post is placed into your jawbone during a simple surgical procedure, and when it heals and integrates with your bone, it then acts as a support for your new porcelain crown, which is attached with the abutment.

Dental implants ...

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3 Benefits of Choosing a Dental Practice with a Wealth of Services

Dental Patient | Dentist Sarasota FL

Choosing the right dentist is important. Hopefully, you'll be building a relationship with your dentist for many years to come. Here's why it's a good idea to work with a dentist who offers a wide array of services.

Personalized Care

You don't want to feel like just another number when you go to the dentist. A dentist who offers a broad range of services can tailor your treatment plan to your specific needs.

For example, if you'd like to enhance your smile, your dentist may be able to combine services such as Invisalign and teeth whitening to help you achieve the best possible outcome.

A One-Stop Experience

A dentist who offers numerous services rarely refers ...

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Welcome to our 15th annual Project Christmas Smile!

Dr. Aygen is participating once again in this year’s 15th annual  “Project Christmas Smile” Saturday, December 9th from 8 am- 1 pm This event is open to anyone on a first come first serve basis and has been a huge success each year. Many dentists, hygienists, oral surgeons, dental assistants and dental office workers volunteer their time to help those who just can’t get the dental attention they need during the year! Please call our office today for more details! (941) 200-3049

Fifteen years ago Dr. Doan started this event in the spirit of caring, compassion and bestowing for those who could not afford dental treatment. His inspiration was to create ...

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Why You Aren't Too Old for Orthodontics

Smiling Man | Orthodontics Sarasota FL

Perhaps you have lived with crooked teeth for so long that you're past the point of hiding your smile. Many adults "give up" on having a beautiful smile because they think they're too old for orthodontics, or perhaps they have focused on treatment for their children rather than themselves. The good news is that you are never too old for orthodontics, and a beautiful smile is an asset at any age! Here are some of the benefits of investing in orthodontics in Sarasota, FL, as an adult.

Straight Teeth = Healthier Teeth

A straight smile is truly a healthy smile because you can brush and floss your teeth with ease. This means ...

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