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Solutions for Dental Fears: Exercise?

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Does going to the dentist cause a pit in your stomach? Does even just thinking about it make the anxiety start? You're not alone as millions of American's feel fear around their dental visits. However, a new study out of Germany suggests that light to moderate exercise may help!

Exercise and Dental Anxiety

Researchers in Berlin took a look at how exercise could help reduce dental anxiety and found successful results in testing a group of 30 people. It seems that those who performed moderate aerobic exercise before their dental appointments experienced less anxiety and felt more relaxed at during their visit. While additional research still needs to be done, there's ...

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Do These Reasons for Veneers Resonate with You?

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Even the smallest imperfections can diminish both your smile and your confidence. This may cause you to hide your teeth when you're meeting new people, and you could be perceived as unhappy or unapproachable. The good news is that cosmetic dentistry offers excellent solutions for enhancing smiles and Sarasota dental veneers may be the solution you're looking for. Here are some of the imperfections that porcelain veneers can correct.

Fractures, Chipping and Wear

Even the smallest chip can impact the appearance of your smile. Veneers are bonded directly to your teeth, so they are capable of covering and eliminating dental issues such as chipping, fractures, and wear.

Size Discrepancies and Misshapen Teeth

Teeth that are ...

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The Effects of Aging on Oral Health

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We often associate tooth decay and cavities with problems that younger children have; however, did you know that older adults have just as much tooth decay as children? This is due in part to the fact that our mouths change as we age. Here are a few things your Sarasota dentist wants older patients to be aware of.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a condition that occurs when we age and our saliva glands don't produce as much saliva as they used to. Saliva is an essential part of the digestion process and it also helps to remineralize teeth that have been affected by decay.

Dry mouth can contribute to a host of ...

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Don't Pretend That Gum Disease Isn't Happening

Dental Anxiety | Sarasota Dentist

Gum disease is a condition that is often easy to ignore because you may not even realize you have it. It's hard to detect in the beginning on your own because there are not many signs and symptoms at first, but it's important no to ignore gum disease. Here's what your Sarasota dentist wants you to know.

Periodontal Disease 101

Did you know that periodontal (gum) disease affects more than half of American adults in some way? Like the foundation for your house, your gums are the foundation for your teeth, and if they are not healthy it affects your teeth, and even your overall health. Gum disease has also been linked ...

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The First 3 Steps to Take in Any Dental Emergency

Dental Emergencies | Sarasota Dentist

Dental emergencies in Sarasota, FL are scary and stressful! Your first feeling may be to panic, but Sarasota Dental Arts is here for you, and all you have to do is give us a call. We'll guide you through any situation to help determine if you need immediate attention. We also make every effort to see our emergency patients the same day if you do need to be seen right away. Your first step is to remain calm and give us a call.

Assess Your Situation

Different emergencies call for different procedures. There are some in which you may not need to see us right away. Here are some general guidelines ...

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Why Good Oral Health Is Necessary for Healthy Aging

Oral Health in Sarasota FL

Getting older has its challenges; however, with the right health care, it's possible to age smoothly. Your dental care is also an important part of this process, and working with providers who understand how oral health is related to systemic health is important as you get older.

The Oral Systemic Connection

Thanks to emerging information, physicians and dentists alike now have a better understanding of the oral systemic link. We now know that the bacteria related to periodontal (gum) disease is also a contributor to the inflammation causing other health concerns such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, stroke, and vice versa. By taking good care of your oral health, you ...

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Dental Anxiety? How We Can Help Relieve Your Worries

Dental Anxiety | 34238 Top Dentist

If you feel that anxious pit in your stomach when it's time to visit the dentist, you should know you're not alone. Many Americans experience dental anxiety, and for 5-10% of patients, it keeps them away from the dentist and much-needed care. The good news is that there are solutions, and Dr. Kaya Aygen is well equipped to help you.

What Is IV Sedation?

IV sedation is when a calming medication is delivered to you intravenously. Because it goes directly into your vein, it can be adjusted quickly and effectively as needed.

While you'll still be conscious, you'll feel deeply relaxed, and some patients even fall asleep. Due to the nature of ...

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