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Dental Care for Elderly Patients

geriatric dentistry sarasota fl

When we get older, there are increased risks for a number of oral health problems. It is important that seniors visit their dentist at least twice each year for examinations and cleanings.

At Sarasota Dental Arts, we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of geriatric dentistry, and we welcome seniors to our Sarasota, FL practice. If you’re a senior, give us a call today to make an appointment!

Elderly Patients Face Increased Risk Factors

Some of the oral health problems seniors might face include the following:

  • Darker teeth because of changes in dentin (the bone-like tissue below the tooth enamel)
  • Stomatitis (oral inflammation and ulcers) caused by dentures that don’t fit properly, poor dental hygiene, or ...

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What to Expect at your Invisalign Consultation

Invisalign Consultation Sarasota FL

You've probably already heard a lot about Invisalign as a teeth alignment treatment option. Here are some of the biggest benefits of this procedure: 

  • Invisible: Of course one of the best benefits to working with Invisalign is that the alignment trays that you will be wearing are nearly invisible. This means that no one will know that you are getting an orthodontic treatment, and you won't have to worry about those traditional brackets and wires during your procedure. 
  • Easy care: Traditional braces present some difficulties when it comes to your at-home oral care. With Invisalign, however, you can remove the trays while you are brushing and flossing, making at home care simple. You ...

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Are You Considering Orthodontics as an Adult?

Adult Orthodontics Sarasota

If you're considering ways you can straighten your smile as an adult, there are several great options available today. Not only will straightening your teeth give you the smile that you've always wanted, but it's also great for your oral health to have properly aligned teeth. Aligned teeth will allow you to more properly and thoroughly clean your teeth with regular at-home care, which means you'll be less likely to need more work in the dental chair down the road. 

Types of Adult Orthodontics

The first thing you need to do when you're interested in the starting the process for an orthodontic treatment is to visit an experienced dentist. There are a ...

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The Importance of Consistent Check-Ups

Check-Ins | Sarasota FL Dentist

Going to the dentist twice per year may sometimes feel like a nuisance. After all, you're busy! Dental appointments take time out of your hectic day when your teeth don't even hurt.

Do you really have to go twice a year? The answer is yes!

Here's why consistent dental check-ups are important:

You Shouldn't Wait Until There's Pain

When you put off your dental care until you're hurting, it usually means there's an opportunity for damage to progress to advanced stages. This typically calls for more complex treatment procedures.

Believe it or not, most dental issues such as decay or gum disease don't cause much pain in their early stages. It's important to have your ...

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5 Common Problems and the Dental Bonding Solution

Dental Bonding | Sarasota FL Dentist

If you're not satisfied with the appearance of your teeth but you've avoided the dentist because you thought big and costly repairs would be necessary, think again!

Dental bonding in Sarasota is a quick process that uses tooth-colored composite resin bonded to your tooth to repair many dental issues. Here are 5 common problems that you probably didn't know dental bonding could solve:

Closing Gaps

Tired of your gap? Dental bonding can be applied to one or more teeth to close small spaces between teeth – even front teeth! Because composite can be customized to match your teeth, no one will ever know about your spacing.

Changing Tooth Shape

Do you have teeth that ...

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3 Steps to a New Tooth!

Dental Implants Sarasota FL

If your tooth is missing or failing, you understand the toll it takes on not only your confidence but also your nutrition. This is because you may not be able to effectively chew your food, which means you can't eat the healthy foods you once enjoyed. You may also feel embarrassed about talking or smiling in front of others, which is hard on your self-esteem.

The good news is that dental implants can restore one or more missing teeth, and they may just be the solution you've been looking for. Here are the three steps that will get you a new tooth.

Schedule a Consultation

The first place to start is learning more ...

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What Happens at a Dental Implant Consultation?

Sarasota Dental Implants

Living with a missing or failing tooth impacts your life in a number of ways. Eating and chewing the healthy foods you once enjoyed becomes difficult, while talking to others can make you feel self-conscious.

It's a good idea to think about replacing your tooth as soon as possible to protect your oral health, and Sarasota Dental Arts can help you. Dental implants are an excellent solution for many patients, and here's what you can expect from a dental implant consultation.

Information Gathering

We'll begin by gathering information with a thorough examination. Dr. Aygen is looking to see if you are in good overall health. If you have any dental work that needs ...

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