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Changes in Dentistry Over the Years

September 28, 2016
Posted By: Kaya Aygen, D.M.D.
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At Sarasota Dental Arts, we provide modern dentistry for your comfort and convenience. As your dentist in Sarasota, Dr. Aygen believes in offering our patients the very best!

But what exactly does that mean? How is modern dentistry different from the dentistry of the past?

Dentistry in the Ancient World

Dentistry goes back a long way – all the way back to 7000 BC! Sumerian texts dated 5000 BC describe tooth decay as caused by “tooth worms.” This idea stuck around until the 1700s.  Works by Aristotle and Hippocrates (the “father of medicine”) described treatments for decaying teeth.

Dentistry Comes into Its Own

Dentistry became more defined and specific in the 1700s. The “Father of Modern Dentistry,” Pierre Fauchard, published the first book to detail comprehensive care and treatments for teeth, called The Surgeon Dentist, A Treatise on Teeth. Fauchard also introduced fillings and dental prosthetics. He was also the dentist who identified acids as the actual culprit in tooth decay.

Over a hundred years later, the first dental college would open in Baltimore. It was clear that oversight was needed to ensure patient safety, and the American Dental Association was formed about twenty years later. In 1867, Harvard University Dental School opened, the first dental school affiliated with a university.

Some treatments developed in the 1800s would continue to be used well into the twentieth century, including amalgam fillings.

The Beginnings of Modern Dentistry

The twentieth century would usher in an incredible array of new dental techniques and treatments including:

  • The porcelain jacket crown
  • Novocain anesthetic
  • Screw implants
  • Municipal water fluoridation
  • Laser dentistry
  • Composite resin

These techniques are constantly being refined to help improve esthetics and patient comfort. What’s particularly exciting is that we aren’t done yet! New developments in dentistry are just over the horizon, and it’s fun to consider what the future might hold.

Dr. Aygen is dedicated to staying current with the latest developments and carefully considers new techniques and technologies to determine what will provide his patients with the greatest benefit.

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