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Today's Dentures: These Are Not Your Grandparents' Teeth!

April 16, 2019
Posted By: Kaya Aygen, D.M.D.
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We all hope our teeth last for a lifetime, but the reality is that sometimes that doesn’t happen. When you are facing the loss of a full arch of teeth, it can be devastating. The thought of wearing dentures may not be appealing when you recall the fake-looking teeth your grandparents might have worn.

But patients who opt for dentures at our Sarasota, FL dental clinic are pleasantly surprised with the natural-looking, comfortable tooth replacements today’s modern dentures provide. Dr. Kaya Aygen takes the time to craft dentures that match your face, your features, and your complexion. The result is nothing like the dentures of yesteryear.

Dentures That Fit Well and Look Natural

Dr. Aygen takes the time to ensure that your dentures not only suit you from an esthetic standpoint, but that fit well so you can chew, speak, and laugh comfortably. He can make any adjustments needed to ensure a good fit.

Many patients opt for the stability of implant-supported dentures. With just a few dental implants placed into the gums, your dentures will be secure, with no worries about slipping. Implant-supported dentures combine the affordability of dentures with the security of dental implants.

We Also Offer Denture Repair

As durable as dentures are, accidents can happen. If you drop your dentures while you are cleaning them or bite into something that is unexpectedly hard, you might see a crack or a chip. It’s crucial to get your dentures repaired immediately. Bacteria can collect in the damaged area, leading to bad breath, gum infections, or other issues.

Dr. Aygen can handle necessary repairs to your dentures—even if you got your dentures from another practitioner. This is particularly helpful for Sarasota “snowbirds” who winter here in the south but have another dentist up north.

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