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Dispelling the Myths About Root Canals

January 30, 2019
Posted By: Kaya Aygen, D.M.D.
Root Canal Therapy | Sarasota Dental Arts

If you're like most people, you would probably be filled with dread if you heard that you need a root canal. However, today we're here to dispel the number one myth about root canals in Sarasota, and we'll also reveal a shocking secret!

The Myth: Root Canals Are Painful

Root canals have always been associated with pain mainly because when you need one, 90% of the time you are in pain. This is likely due to infection or damage that your tooth has sustained, and here's the first secret: Dental infections won't go away without treatment. Therefore, it's only going to cause you more pain if you delay treatment with your dentist.

The Shocking Truth About Root Canals

Are you ready to learn the truth? Rather than causing it, root canal therapy actually eliminates your pain! The infection, not the procedure, causes the pain in your tooth.

During root canal therapy, your dentist will remove the diseased tissue from inside your tooth, which preserves your natural tooth structure. Once your tooth heals, you'll return to your dentist to have it strengthened with a dental crown or filling. 

Modern Technology Streamlines Root Canal Therapy

Today's technology makes root canal therapy even more comfortable and efficient with rotary endodontic tools. These tools are made of nickel titanium, which is more flexible and more comfortable for your dentist to maneuver inside your tooth. Rotary tools also work faster, so your procedure is more efficient. Most patients are shocked to find that root canal therapy relieved their pain, rather than causing it.

Now that you know the truth don't hesitate to contact your dentist in Sarasota, FL at (941) 200-3049 if you are experiencing any dental pain or sensitivity. The quicker we can see you to diagnose your condition, the faster we can get you feeling comfortable and back on the path to wellness again.

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