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The Effects of Aging on Oral Health

September 28, 2017
Posted By: Kaya Aygen, D.M.D.
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We often associate tooth decay and cavities with problems that younger children have; however, did you know that older adults have just as much tooth decay as children? This is due in part to the fact that our mouths change as we age. Here are a few things your Sarasota dentist wants older patients to be aware of.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth is a condition that occurs when we age and our saliva glands don't produce as much saliva as they used to. Saliva is an essential part of the digestion process and it also helps to remineralize teeth that have been affected by decay.

Dry mouth can contribute to a host of issues including tooth decay and gum disease. There are products that can help promote saliva production and reduce dry mouth.

Use the Right Tools

Now may be the time to invest in an electric toothbrush for yourself, if you haven't already. This type of brush does the hard work for you and even times your brushing to make sure that you are achieving the full recommended two minutes.

You may want to discuss adding a fluoride mouth rinse to your home care routine with your dentist. While this should never take the place of brushing your teeth, a mouth rinse can help you get more fluoride onto your teeth, and give you fresh breath as a bonus.

Oral Health Affects Your Overall Health

Did you know that your oral health has an an impact on your overall health and well being? Studies have linked periodontal disease with contributing to other health concerns in the body such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease and vice versa.

Regular visits to your dentist are your first line of defense against gum disease because you'll be screened for it at every examination. Even if you wear dentures, you should still visit your dentist at least once a year for checkup of your mouth and soft tissues.

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