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The Importance of Consistent Check-Ups

March 24, 2017
Posted By: Kaya Aygen, D.M.D.
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Going to the dentist twice per year may sometimes feel like a nuisance. After all, you're busy! Dental appointments take time out of your hectic day when your teeth don't even hurt.

Do you really have to go twice a year? The answer is yes!

Here's why consistent dental check-ups are important:

You Shouldn't Wait Until There's Pain

When you put off your dental care until you're hurting, it usually means there's an opportunity for damage to progress to advanced stages. This typically calls for more complex treatment procedures.

Believe it or not, most dental issues such as decay or gum disease don't cause much pain in their early stages. It's important to have your dentist check for these issues as they're able to detect them in their earliest stages, giving you the opportunity to be treated with less invasive treatment procedures.

Your Overall Health Is Affected by Your Oral Health

With so much information available today, we now understand that oral health and our overall health are directly connected. This is because we know that the bacteria and inflammation associated with gum disease are also associated with diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.

By maintaining your oral health, you maintain your overall health as well.

Your Routine Check-Up

A few important things take place during your six-month check-ups. Dr. Aygen will screen you for dental issues such as gum disease, oral cancer, and tooth decay at every routine check-up. This helps to ensure early detection.

Our hygienist will clean your teeth and remove the plaque build-up that causes issues like tooth decay. We'll also take the time to teach you proper brushing and flossing techniques so you can really make the most of your home care routine.

If it's time for your next preventative appointment, don't wait! Call us today and schedule. Your health is too important to ignore!

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