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Oral Health and the Effects of Tobacco and Sugar

January 24, 2017
Posted By: Kaya Aygen, D.M.D.
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Many people choose to focus on their health during the New Year. Your team at Sarasota Dental Arts wants to remind you to include your oral health in your goals as well.

Dr. Kaya Aygen, your Sarasota dentist, has included some information here about the harmful effects of tobacco and sugar that you may want to consider as you're planning your health goals for 2017.

Sugar and Oral Health

We've all heard that sugar is bad for our teeth; however, do you really understand why that is? Let's take a look at how sugar affects your oral health.

First, it's not actually sugar itself causing tooth decay or gum disease; however, sugar is the fuel, or food, that feeds the bacteria that cause these conditions. Bacteria feed on sugar and produce the white sticky film called plaque that builds up on your teeth. If not properly removed with daily brushing and flossing, plaque build-up eventually causes tooth decay and gum disease.

Did you know that eating more fruits and vegetables neutralizes the acids and bacteria that cause cavities? Think about incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your diet. It's not only good for your health – it also benefits your oral health.

Your Teeth and the Effects of Tobacco

Tobacco actually has numerous harmful impacts on your oral health, not to mention your overall health and well-being. First, it causes severe staining and discoloration of your teeth, chronic halitosis (bad breath), and it contributes to gum disease, making your recovery much harder. Next, it puts you at an increased risk of developing oral cancer, which can be deadly if it's not detected early on.

Deciding to stop smoking or using tobacco products is a life-changing decision, and it's not easy. Your trusted team at Sarasota Dental Arts is here to support you, and we have ideas and resources that can help you through the process of eliminating tobacco from your life.

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We want the best for you, and Dr. Kaya Aygen and his team are here to help you achieve your health goals in 2017 and beyond! We feel that the more you know about your oral health, the better decisions you can make regarding your care. Contact us today to learn more.

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