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Tips for Communicating Your Cosmetic Dentistry Goals to Your Dentist

October 11, 2019
Posted By: Sarasota Dental Arts
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Have you been thinking about enhancing your smile with cosmetic dentistry? Are you a little overwhelmed by all the treatments available and what smile improvements they can help you achieve? 

Don’t spend another minute trying to sort it all out! Your cosmetic dentist in Sarasota, FL can help you pinpoint your smile goals are and determine which cosmetic dentistry treatments will help you. 

What Does Your Dream Smile Look Like?

Your cosmetic dentist is an expert in the art and science of beautiful smiles and will gladly explain all the options available to you. But to best help you, they need a little information to work with. Here are some steps you can take to help you zero in on what you’d like to change and how we can help you.

  • Evaluate your smile – You may be generally unhappy with your smile, but your cosmetic dentist needs to know specifically what flaws concern you. Do you wish your teeth were a little brighter or straighter? Do spacing issues bother you, or do you want to your teeth looked more symmetrical? Make a note of your thoughts and bring them with you to your cosmetic dental appointment.
  • Do some research – Your dentist will gladly listen to you and make appropriate treatment recommendations. But you can jump-start the process by taking a few minutes to do some online research. Take a look at before and after images of cosmetic dental procedures like porcelain veneers, teeth whitening, and dental bonding. That way, when your cosmetic dentist makes a treatment recommendation, you’ll be familiar with what it is and what you can expect from treatment.
  • Make a wish list – If you’re not sure exactly what smile flaws you’re unhappy about, think about celebrities whose smiles you envy. Your dentist may not be able to replicate the exact results, but it will help them understand the results you have in mind.

Let Us Help Design Your Dream Smile

Dr. Kaya Aygen offers personalized treatment plans for patients who want cosmetic dentistry in Sarasota, FL. If you would like to see what’s possible for your smile, please call Sarasota Dental Arts to schedule an appointment to get started.

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