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How long does a dental implant take? Does it hurt?

Dental Implant Timeline | Sarasota FL Because dental implant placement requires surgery, many patients expect it to be a long, drawn-out, uncomfortable process.

The truth is that placement of a dental implant is actually very quick!  

Initial Implant Placement 

In most cases, the actual placement can be done within 30 minutes. This is because there is a lot of planning and thought process done ahead of time, before the procedure, to determine the size, location, and type of implant would best be used in that case. You will be a part of the planning process and you always have a say in your dental care at Sarasota Dental Arts. We use advanced technology to make sure the placement is precise and successful.

Many patients can do well with local anesthetic during the placement procedure, but IV sedation can be provided to those with dental anxiety. Dr. Aygen is happy to review your needs with you and determine whether you are a good candidate for in-office IV sedation during your procedure. 

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As far as pain and discomfort, you might experience some achiness and swelling following the procedure, but a lot of our patients take one over-the-counter pain med (like Tylenol of Advil) the evening of their procedure and are fine and back to normal activities the next day! Contact our office today for more information!

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