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Do you do denture repair?

Denture Repair | Sarasota FL DentistDentures that are damaged or aren’t properly adjusted are more than just uncomfortable. They can also cause problems like sores on the gums and bad breath.

Accidents can easily happen. Whether your denture accidentally fell in the sink or you bit down on something that was harder than you expected, you shouldn’t have to wait for ages to get your dentures fixed.

Why is it important to fix dentures?

If you suspect that your dentures are no longer fitting correctly, please give us a call so that Dr. Aygen can take a look. You should also contact our office if your dentures have been dropped or had excessive pressure exerted on them in any way. Sometimes dentures can sustain damage that isn’t immediately visible, and even the smallest changes in the way they fit can quickly become uncomfortable or put your health at risk.

Call us to find out more about denture repair in Sarasota – even if we didn’t craft your dentures! Many of our patients are only in Sarasota over the winter, but having a dentist you can count near your winter home is important.  

Denture Consultation

If you are in need of new dentures or you are considering dentures for the first time, talk to us. Dr. Aygen can craft esthetic and comfortable dentures, and we can even discuss implant-retained dentures for added stability and security!

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