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I currently have a denture. Can I support it with a dental implant?

Implant Supported Dentures | Sarasota FL DentistProbably! 

While dentures are a popular (and inexpensive!) option for replacing teeth, some people do find that they can be frustrating. Dentures rely on suction for proper adherence, and while this tends to work well for the upper plate, it doesn't work quite as well for the lower plate. This means that your denture can become loose and shift in your mouth, or you might have to use sticky adhesives to get a better hold. 

Dental Implant Secured Dentures

Securing dentures with dental implants is a surprisingly simple process and allows your dentures to fit securely, promoting a better ability to chew a variety of foods and eliminating embarrassing shifts. Additionally, if you choose to support your upper plate with dental implants, you can use a denture style that doesn't cover your entire upper palate, a feature many patients appreciate!

Dental implants do require that sufficient bone quality and quantity be available to properly support the denture. Dr. Aygen is happy to evaluate your bone structure and determine whether implants are a good choice for you. Even if you don't currently have sufficient bone, additional procedures like bone grafting can make you a candidate for implants in the future. 

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