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Can I drive myself to an IV sedation appointment?

dental anxiety | sarasota fl dentistNo.

Because IV sedation requires an empty stomach and the effects linger for a while after your appointment, it is important that someone else drive you to and from your sedation appointment. It’s also good if that person can stay with you for a few hours following your appointment to help avoid falls or other accidents.

Many of our patients plan to take it easy for the rest of the day following dental care with IV sedation. Take advantage of the opportunity to relax, and don’t plan to return to work or go to any further appointments for the day.

Can you drive after nitrous oxide? 

Oral sedation also requires a friend or family member bring you to and from your appointment. If you are only receiving nitrous oxide, however, you will be able to drive yourself. The effects of nitrous leave almost instantly once the mask is removed.

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