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I am very nervous about coming to the dentist. Can I get my dental work done while I'm asleep?

Sedation Dentistry | Sarasota FL DentistDental fear and anxiety are extremely common. Unfortunately, this can lead to people avoiding dental care until they have a serious problem. We’d rather have patients feel comfortable and confident about their dental treatments, and one of the ways that we can ensure this is by offering IV sedation dentistry.

Dr. Aygen has certification in IV sedation and is one of the premier sedation dentists in Sarasota Florida. IV medication starts to work quickly, calming and relaxing you. In fact, many patients feel so relaxed that they actually drift off to sleep! Even if you don’t fall asleep, time will seem to fly by and you are unlikely to remember specific details of your procedure later.

When is sedation used?

IV sedation can be used for everything from routine preventive care to more complex treatments. If you’ve been putting off dental treatment because of fear or anxiety, please give us a call. We know that many of our patients have had bad experiences in the past, and we’ll never judge you. Our goal is only to help you get the care you need now.

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Give us a call to schedule a consultation with Dr. Aygen so that he can take a health history and determine whether IV sedation dentistry is a good choice for you. What have you got to lose?

Patient Testimonial:Dr. Aygen and his staff are wonderful!

Always a painless experience and pleasant atmosphere with aromatherapy and headphones playing your favorite music. Dr. Aygen and his staff are wonderful.

5 Star Google Review 3/1/2019... Read More

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