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Do you treat elderly patients?

Elderly Patients | Sarasota Dental Arts Yes.

It is especially important for elderly patients to receive regular dental care because they are at a higher risk for certain oral health issues. We take geriatric dentistry in Sarasota, FL seriously because seniors are living longer than ever before—and they are keeping their natural teeth longer. Quality of life is greatly impacted by oral health, and we want our elderly patients to enjoy the best oral health possible.

Oral health risks as you age

Many times, seniors have chronic conditions that can have implications on their oral health. For example, diabetes, which is a common ailment among the elderly, often results in increased instances of gum disease.  

Sometimes prescribed medications can also impact the health of teeth and gums. Xerostomia, commonly called “dry mouth,” is a common side effect of many medications. Dry mouth can lead to increased cavities as well as periodontal issues.

Oral cancer tends to occur more frequently in older people, so it’s important for senior citizens to have regular oral cancer screenings.

Because some seniors experience loss of dexterity, professional dental cleanings are more important than ever to remove plaque. Elderly patients who have trouble with home care because of decreased hand-eye coordination should talk to our hygienist about tools to help them maintain optimal oral health.

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