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Should I replace my missing tooth with a dental implant or a bridge?

Bridge Vs. Crown | Sarasota FL DentistIf you are missing a tooth, you are probably pondering your options for replacement. Completing your biting surface is important for your long-term oral health as well as your self-confidence.

In most ways, a dental implant to replace a single tooth is better than 3-unit bridge. 

Advantages of implants over bridges

  • Dental implants don’t require alteration of existing, otherwise healthy teeth.
  • A dental implant is cleaned just like a regular tooth and doesn’t require special products or techniques.
  • Dental implants help to keep your natural bone in place and prevent resorption, which can lead to further tooth loss.
  • Dental implants look and feel remarkably like natural teeth. Most people will never know you’ve had any dental work done!

While the implant process can be longer by about a month or two, we find that the long-term health advantages of a dental implant usually outweigh the quick fix of a bridge.

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Missing teeth can really hamper your style, making it difficult to chew your favorite foods, and putting a damper on your social life. We’d like to help you regain your confidence and your smile! Call Sarasota Dental Arts to schedule an appointment with Dr. Kaya Aygen and learn more about dental implants. 

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