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What kind of results do Clear Aligners offer?

Are you living with a few teeth that have shifted over the years? If you are looking to realign your smile, Clear Aligners may be an excellent solution. Using clear brackets and wires that are virtually invisible, Clear Aligners delivers results in a matter of months, just as the name would imply.

How does this treatment work so fast?

  • It focuses only on the smile line, which is your front six teeth and the ones you typically see when you smile.
  • It utilizes traditional brackets and wires, which are effective and efficient at aligning teeth.

Clear Aligners in Sarasota, FL works best for patients with slight misalignment issues, and Dr. Aygen can determine if it will be effective for your own situation. If it's the right treatment for you, you'll enjoy the benefits of the discretion and efficiency it offers. Clear Aligners is often not as expensive as other orthodontic options since treatment can be completed in a few months rather than years.

If you would like to learn more about Clear Aligners, or other options for straightening your smile, we invite you to contact Sarasota Dental Arts and schedule a consultation with Dr. Aygen today.

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