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Do root canal treatments hurt?

A common concern for patients is if root canal therapy is painful? The answer is no. The procedure itself is not painful, but if you have been diagnosed as needing a root canal, it is likely that you are experiencing pain. This is probably because your tooth is infected and it is often the reason why root canals are associated with pain.

A root canal actually removes infected tissue from inside your tooth and helps to preserve your natural tooth structure. Modern dentistry has made many advances with this procedure and Dr. Aygen uses rotary endodontic tools to ensure your comfort during root canal therapy. These tools are more flexible, which makes treatment more comfortable for our patients, and they are electric, which means they are quieter and can complete the procedure more efficiently.

If you still have concerns or anxiety about your root canal procedure, Dr. Aygen can discuss options for dental sedation with you.

If you have a tooth that is infected, it's important not to delay your treatment since the infection can spread, affect neighboring teeth, and result in tooth loss. Give Sarasota Dental Arts a call today to learn more about root canals in Sarasota.

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