Cosmetic Dentistry

Feeling confident in your smile can give you an advantage, especially when meeting new people and making a great first impression.

If you are someone who looks at your smile with a critical eye and wishes there was something you could do to improve its appearance, Sarasota Dental Arts, the cosmetic dental practice of Kaya Aygen, DMD, has solutions for every budget and smile.

From teeth whitening to full smile makeovers, we use the latest techniques and the most advanced dental materials in our dental office. The best way to get started is to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation with Dr. Aygen. Call us at (941) 200-3049 today!

Professional Teeth Whitening

Tooth-Colored Fillings and Dental Bonding

Teeth Replacement

Porcelain Veneers

Full Smile Makeovers

What kinds of teeth whitening do you offer?

If you’re looking for the safest, most reliable way to whiten your teeth, professional teeth whitening is your best choice. At Sarasota Dental Arts, we offer several options to uncover your brightest, most beautiful smile.

In-office teeth whitening – In about one hour, our in-office teeth whitening system will brighten your smile four to six shades and with minimal sensitivity.

Take-home teeth whitening – Our professional take-home teeth whitening kits provide similar results in the convenience of your own home.

You can even combine both professional teeth whitening systems to optimize your results. Any time you notice new stains developing, you can reuse your custom whitening trays to renew your smile.

Why should I choose professional teeth whitening?

If you’ve ever tried the over-the-counter teeth whitening products available at most drugstores, you are probably aware of their less-than-stellar results. Investing in professional teeth whitening from an experienced dentist will turn your smile from dull to sparkling much faster and without abrasive materials that can damage your enamel. Teeth whitening at your Sarasota dentist also offers these benefits:

  • Your customized teeth whitening trays fit snugly on your teeth, avoiding gum irritation and delivering an even application of the whitening gel to your teeth.
  • Our professional-grade whitening gel whitens your teeth more reliably and than drugstore kits.
  • We’re here to answer any questions or if you need additional whitening gel.

Schedule a teeth whitening consultation with Dr. Kaya Aygen by calling us at (941) 200-3049.

Are tooth-colored fillings right for me?

Perhaps one of the most beneficial developments in modern dentistry is that we can repair or replace your teeth without unsightly metal components. Today, tooth-colored fillings come in a variety of natural shades. No one will notice that you’ve had dental work!

Studies show that the resin-based composite material of tooth-colored fillings is just as durable as silver fillings. Tooth-colored fillings also have these advantages:

  • Retain more of the healthy tooth structure
  • Avoid mercury exposure for you and the environment
  • Strengthen the tooth by bonding to its structure

Tooth-colored fillings are an essential part of both cosmetic dentistry and restorative treatments at our Sarasota dental practice. Contact us to learn more!

What kinds of problems can dental bonding fix?

If you have teeth that aren’t as uniform or attractive as you’d like and want a simple yet effective solution, dental bonding may be the answer. Dental bonding is a cost-effective and non-invasive cosmetic dentistry treatment that gives you immediate and long-lasting results.

Using the same composite material as tooth-colored fillings, we can fix a variety of cosmetic dental flaws:

  • Worn or short teeth
  • Small gaps between teeth
  • Discolored teeth
  • Irregularly shaped teeth
  • Chipped teeth

By building and shaping the dental bonding material around the tooth, Dr. Kaya Aygen can make a big difference in your smile.

What are my options for replacing a missing tooth?

Fixing gaps in your teeth can give you a more youthful appearance and confidence in your smile. If your missing tooth causes chewing or speaking difficulties, replacing it can improve your overall quality of life. You can also prevent other teeth from shifting and other oral health problems by replacing missing teeth.

We offer many natural-looking ways to complete your smile:

  • Dental implants
  • Implant-retained bridges
  • Bridges
  • Implant dentures
  • Partial dentures
  • Complete dentures

Dr. Aygen will explain the benefits and limitations of each teeth replacement option so that you make the right choice for your goals and budget. Call our Sarasota dental office to get started!

How do dental implants work?

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing missing teeth and can even work together with dentures to restore multiple teeth. A long-term, highly successful solution, dental implants also promote bone growth in your jaw, which helps retain your natural face shape.

In the dental implant procedure, Dr. Aygen surgically places a biocompatible titanium post in the bone where the tooth used to be. After the area heals and the bone fuses with the post, Dr. Aygen places a dental crown on the implant to complete the restoration. The result is a strong, fully functional tooth that enhances your appearance and improves your oral health.

How can porcelain veneers improve my smile?

If you envision a standout, dazzling smile, porcelain veneers may be the answer. Porcelain veneers can solve many cosmetic issues in a single procedure, which makes them a popular cosmetic dentistry choice at our Sarasota dental office.

Porcelain veneers are ultra-thin covers for teeth that can fix a variety of cosmetic dental issues:

  • Broken and chipped teeth
  • Worn down teeth
  • Minor misalignment
  • Gaps between teeth
  • Deep discoloration
  • Irregular looking teeth

What is the porcelain veneer process?

Porcelain veneers are thin, translucent shells that cover the fronts of your teeth, improving their length, appearance, and color. At Sarasota Dental Arts, we craft beautiful, lifelike porcelain veneers that will last for years.

At your first appointment, Dr. Kaya Aygen will help determine if you’re a good candidate for porcelain veneers. We’ll create a customized treatment plan for you to ensure that your beautiful veneers mimic your natural teeth as closely as possible.

To begin the process, Dr. Aygen will prepare the tooth by polishing a small layer of its surface. Then we’ll take impressions of your teeth to ensure a custom fit.

When you return for your next dental visit, we’ll make any necessary adjustments. Once the porcelain veneers fit perfectly over your teeth, we will bond the final set to your teeth.

If you’re considering cosmetic dentistry in Sarasota, FL, contact us to schedule a consultation about porcelain veneers. Your new smile awaits!

What if I need several cosmetic dentistry treatments?

We understand that it may feel overwhelming when you want to improve your smile but have multiple cosmetic dental issues. That’s why we offer full smile makeovers, which give you a timeline and treatment plan for fixing a set of problems.

For example, if you have a chipped tooth, discoloration, and missing teeth, you may wonder what the best plan of action is to tackle these issues. Dr. Kaya Aygen understands how important it is to feel confident about your smile. He will work with you to develop a plan that fits your budget and timeline using dental treatments that also fit your lifestyle and budget.

What can I expect at my full smile makeover consultation?

If you have severely damaged or decayed teeth, you may want to combine several of our cosmetic dentistry options. Speaking with Dr. Aygen in our Sarasota dental office will help you decide which treatments will work best to give you a beautiful, healthy smile.

At your consultation, Dr. Aygen will review your medical history and gather information to determine if you have any underlying conditions that could affect your treatment.

We will integrate any restorative work (such as dental crowns or a tooth filling) into your treatment plan when planning your full smile makeover.

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